Giving back to society

In June 2019, Heracles Ventures’ executive team was offered the opportunity to co-develop an NGO and become its primary corporate partner, we took the opportunity to make a difference.

Third world countries suffer a great deal from human rights abuses, widespread corruption and dysfunctional governments, which prevent the countries in North Africa from developing adequately. By diversifying the media landscape in the region, we can guarantee that the future generations are informed and the silent majority is given a voice.


Enlighten Nafrica is an NGO working in the field of media, with the mission of broadening the media landscape in the North Africa region. The NGO runs a magazine with a growing audience titled the 'Algiers Herald', as part of its portfolio. As part of its growth strategy, the NGO plans on launching a TV channel, weekly podcasts and journalism training.

Enlighten Nafrica


One of the NGO’s goal is to create a debating platform in English, French and Arabic. They seek to achieve this goal through the deployment of new media channels. 

Our involvment

Our contribution to the development of the NGO is not only financial through cash injections but also on an advisory capacity.